Customer order video


   This is a column for the customer video, Though we are all haircut or long hair fans, but everyone's favorite is different, Someone like boy style like nimuda and our Japanese agent, someone like BOB like our UK friend, someone like poodle perm and someone like long perm. So if you have the special request and you like to pay the model fee,  you can send your request and photos to us. Then we can do the haircut as your requests and pictures. We have opened a web cam now. If you buy the ponytail, you can watch the real time video by web cam.

    About payment, you can pay half of the price firstly, after we do the haircut, we will send the photos to you, then you pay the extra fee.




175 #

     Miss Ella has very long and thick hair, she has just dyed her hair to Brown, but it will be summer in ShangHai, so she wants to cut the long and thick hair to very cool pixie or BOB, would you like to design a new style for her.



176 #

     Miss Lily is an office lady, short hair is very popular in her company, so she wants to cut a short hair style too.


178 #

     Miss Bailey is a college student, she looks very cool, so she wants a cool hair style too, pixie is a good choice for her.



184 # Red dress girl, she is very tall office lady, she wants to do a perm for her hair, or cut it to short



187#, Punishment for bad performance

  They are the colleagues in a private company, in the agreement of 2019, if they can't get the achievement in the first half year, they should shave the hair.  For bad performance, they have to shave in July. They can shave single, not together.