How to download


   For VIP member, if you needn't to buy many videos in one time. Download is a good way, because of the network speed( the network from your country to China), now we only supply VCD type videos to download, but in future, we will update all the videos to H.264 technology MP4, it has the DVD quality, but the size is same as VCD. There are two ways for download.

     1. FTP download( this way is good for Asian user, like Japan, Korea, HongKong, TaiWan, Singapore......)

       We suggest you use the FlashGet to download, I think it is the best way to download. If you don't know where to download the FlashGe, you can download from our site, the follow is the URL, it is a free software.


  If you don't know how to use FlashGet, Please refer the follow:

1. Open FlashGet( If you don't know how to install and open the FlashGet, you'd better learn a little knowledge of computer), then choose the language you use( FlashGet can supports many languages).

2. Choose new download

3. Then copy(step1) the URL We have sent to you( After you pay the money, we will send a URL to you in Email). For example, we use 2# model's video. After copying, then press the enter( step 2)


4. Then it begins downloadding.

5. After downloading, please check C:\Download,(this is the default folder for download files, certainly you can change anther disk), then you can find the video file you need.


  2 By yousend it

     This way is very easy, www.yousendit.com is a professional download web site, their server is in USA, so all the users can download the videos very quick. When we upload a video to you, you will receive a mail from yousendit, and there is an URL in the mail, for example:


   Press it and the download will begin soon.